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Banquet de France: An Epicurean Tour of France

Chamberlain, Samuel

New York: Gourmet Distributing Corporation


First Edition, Fifth Printing


619 Pages

Recipes Translated from the French and Adapted by Narcissa Chamberlain

"Banquet de France: An Epicurean Tour of France" by Samuel Chamberlain is a culinary masterpiece that was first published in 1952. With a passion for food and a deep appreciation for the French way of life, Chamberlain set out on an epicurean journey across the enchanting landscapes of France. His travels led him to explore the diverse regional cuisines, from the rustic dishes of rural villages to the refined delicacies of Parisian bistros. Through evocative storytelling and delightful anecdotes, Chamberlain captured the essence of French culinary traditions, artfully intertwining history, culture, and the pleasures of the palate. Embraced by both food connoisseurs and travel enthusiasts, "Banquet de France" continues to enchant readers with its celebration of the art of French cooking and the unique soul of a country deeply entwined with its cuisine.

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